Angry Napkin Children's Home
We would be nothing without the help from all of our supporters. Your generous donations pay for clothes, medicine, and nutritious food for the children, salary for the staff, and much more.  Please click the "Donate Now" button below to make a donation. Any amount is most welcome and much appreciated. We also welcome you to continue reading to see where exactly the money goes. 
Other Ways To Get Involved
​If you have an activity you think would be educational and fun for our children that you would like to lead, contact us and tell us more! We are always looking for new things for our children to get excited about. Activities such as art or music are very much welcome. 
This is one of the most important things you can do. Maybe you aren't in a place to help financially right now but you know people who are. Please tell everyone you can about our children. Even a seemingly simple facebook post about our home can make a huge impact. 
​Have new or gently used items that you'd like to donate? We are always looking for new toys, new or gently used light/summer clothes, and shoes for all ages. Please contact us to learn the best way to get them here. 
​​          Our home will care for 25 children and have a staff of 4-5. Our goal is to operate as efficiently as possible without sacrificing the level of care or comfort that we provide our children. ​​​​The funding for the elderly and animals will also come from this budget, but the impact is estimated to be minimal. Our ultimate goal is to achieve 100% sustainability through ventures such as farming crops, livestock, installing solar panels, and running social enterprises. ​​​​

A few notes on the budget
Health-  Some of our children will undoubtedly have untreated medical conditions that can finally be properly treated. This also includes mental and physical therapy, fever and cold medicines, and any other treatments our darlings will need.

Car/Fuel-  Although taking a sizeable portion of the budget, a car is necessary to take our children to family visits, doctor appointments, etc. We also want to take our children on monthly field trips so they can explore the world around them and not feel trapped inside the walls of the home.  

​​ Food-Our children won't be fed nutritiously barren food simply to keep their tummies from growling. They'll have a plentiful, nutritionally balanced diet so they can grow up happy and healthy. We also need to keep costs down. A great solution to this is to have a garden. It will teach the children about horticulture and sustainability while also providing fresh, nutritious food to supplement what we get at the store.  

Our Monthly Expenses
  • ​​Food-$600
  • Clothes-$150
  • Health-$350
  • Misc. Supplies-$200
  • Utilities-$350
  • Car/Fuel-$450
  • Staff-$800
Total: $2900


To promote equality and keep employee morale high, we pay all of our staff equally. We want every last member of our staff to feel valued and appreciated. This in turn motivates them to maintain the high standards that we set for ourselves in making sure our children receive the best possible care.
Caregivers- The backbone of our home, they take care of the children, do the laundry, clean, cook, drive, etc. Without them we would be nothing. Although we are only required to have one caregiver, we feel an extra person for our 25 children will be better able to show the love and attention our children deserve.  ($200 each x 2)

CEO-He manages the finances and funding campaigns, creates and maintains our website and social media pages, ensures compliance requirements both in the US and in the Philippines, and is responsible for policy changes. He'll also be helping care for the children and teaching classes. ($0)

​​​Social Worker-This is a mandated position that is in charge of correspondence with the state as well as maintaining records of all of the children. She's also here to ensure that the home complies with government regulations. ($200)

​​​Groundskeeper-Maintanence, tending to the farm and livestock, etc. ($200)
   Our hires are based on  referrals by people we know  and trust. That is the only way  to truly ensure that the  children are protected and  getting the highest level of  care possible.