Angry Napkin Children's Home

Who We Are and What We're About

With a full heart, we care for the neglected, abused, and forgotten of today, while working tirelessly to protect those of tomorrow.​​  
How We Started
Angry Napkin Children's Home started in June 2017 after its founder saw children sleeping on cardboard boxes on the sidewalks of Manila. People constantly passed by them without even acknowledging their presence. This is our attempt at giving those children the comfort and love that they deserved all along.
Originally conceived to care for only children, Angry Napkin Children's Home quickly expanded it's focus to include the elderly and animals also in need. We were inspired by the way families in the Philippines selflessly help each other and want to replicate that level of support for everyone. 
What We Do
We're more than just a home, we're a sanctuary
 We Provide:
  • Nutritious food and fresh water
  • Love and care
  • Comfortable beds
  • Secure and safe enviornment
  • Quality education
  • Medical/Dental/Vision check ups and treatment
  • Guidance and support for their futures beyond the home

We teach how to care for others first. Our goal is to create leaders who will go on to help others and inspire those around them to do the same. In addition to the typical course curriculum of any school, we try to be the children's mentors, teaching them how to build and maintain relationships, how to live a healthy and postive life, and, most importantly, how to be happy no matter what the circumstances. 
The Children Have a Voice:
Children complete a monthly review where they can offer constructive criticism of our staff and their care. 

They also vote on improvements for the home and decide where they go on field trips
Opportunities to Grow: 
Elderly-We will care for some elderly who don't have enough support from family and friends and who may need specialized care. Children will have a chance to spend time with them and perhaps also learn a thing or two from their elders.

Rescued Animals-Abandoned and neglected animals are common in the Philippines. Our children will be able to play with and take care of these animals, creating a strong bond that will last a lifetime. 

Vegetable Garden-We will grow a large vegetable garden to teach about sustainability and also to provide food for us and the community. 

Volunteers-People with a passion for cooking, art, sustainability, English, and music are encouraged to visit our home and provide interactive classes for our children. 

Community service-Our children can pick up trash, plant trees, donate food from our vegetable garden, build parks, and much more to make our community a better place. This is all on a volunteer basis. 

Meet the Angry Napkins
Much like our caring supporters, our operation involves people from many walks of life. It's an international collaboritive effort, with staff from the United States, Kenya, and the Philippines. 
"After witnessing what these children go through on a daily basis I am both incredibly horrified and thankful. I'm horrified that in this day and age children still experience such difficult lives. We have the resources to end poverty now, it's just inaction that is enabling this to continue. I'm thankful that there will now be less children suffering on the streets and in homes that are unable or unwilling to take care of them. Children are our future and we should never feel satisfied until every single one of these sweethearts is loved like they deserve to be."
"I worked as a maid for several families over the years. Eventually I had the good fortune of working with my most recent family. They referred me to the children's home. I'm so grateful to be a part of this. It's about time we showed these children that there are people who will love them. They've been living too long without being able to trust anyone, without peace.   

My daughter was raped when she was 14-years-old. A lot of these children suffer abuse too. I want to put a stop to it. I want to protect them. Nothing can take back what happened to my daughter but I can at least make sure it doesn't happen to the children here. For me, this is a decision from the heart."
"It's nice being apart of something bigger than myself. I think that's what makes me want to help the most. I'm actively making my community better. These are good kids at heart that are in a bad situation without any positive role models.  Getting to meet them face to face and interview them is such a pleasure. These are some of the strongest and most intelligent people I know. If only they are given a fair chance I know that they can accomlish great things in their lives."
"My name is Miracle, and I was born with a disability. I know firsthand how it feels to be unwanted,
discriminated against, & feel worthless. Although my own family was loving and forthcoming, I still
experienced my own horrific share of stigma and discrimination from society at large. My self-esteem
and confidence were drastically low. Fortunately, those few who were kind enough to care and be there
for me helped pull me through.

The truth is no other child deserves to go through such pain or feel so alone in this world. That’s why I
dedicate myself to be a part of such an organization that fights for vulnerable and abused children to get
a fair chance in life. Take it from someone who has been on the receiving end of this plight, it’s not an
easy life at all. If somebody could do something for me, I, too, can extend a helping hand to a child in
need, and so can YOU."
"Children are the most innocent and sweet people you will ever come across. And here there were children sleeping outside on nothing but cardboard. They had no shoes, their clothes were dirty and ripped. It was heartbreaking. And people just passed by them. I think most people want to help, they just don't know how. I used to be one of those people too. But when I saw those children it was then that I knew I had to create a home for them. 

The thing I'm most grateful for--which allowed for this dream to become a reality--is being surrounded by some truly amazing people. I've been so fortunate to know so many people with good hearts. It's these people that made me feel that this home was possible. I owe everthing to them."

"I thank Jesus for this blessing. I have prayed and prayed for our street children to be saved. 

This is a problem that has largely been ignored for the longest time. Now there are organizations like this that are doing God's work. I feel this is truly what God wants and by helping this home we are protecting his most precious angels. These children will always be in my prayers as I ask for them and this home to be blessed and successful and to always be in God's heart."
Social Worker