Angry Napkin Children's Home
"With a full heart, we care for the neglected, abused, and forgotten of today, while working tirelessly to protect those of tomorrow."
​The Wrongs We're Helping to Correct...
  • 30,000 children roam the streets in Manila and the surrounding region

  • About 1-3% of the total adolescent population are street children

  • Around 75% of street children return home to families after spending the day scavenging and begging on the streets

  • Over 26% of Filipinos live under the poverty line, with half of them living in extreme poverty 

  • Roughly 70% of street children are boys

  • The average age range of street children is from 7-16 years old. 

Why Are They Scared of the Government?
    In 2008, the City of Manila implemented  a program to remove all of the children  from the streets. Any children seen living  on the streets would be "rescued" by  government units that have daily "rescue  quotas".   

    We hit the streets and the government  shelters to interview these remarkable  children and see how (or if) the program  has positively impacted their lives. What  we learned was shocking.

​​We're currently saving for our home! ​​​​
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We now have fundraising efforts on several crowd funding sites in addition to our own site. If all goes well we'll be able to  open in Summer 2018 to begin caring for children in need of a loving home!
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Our ultimate goal is to become 100% self-sufficient so that we will no longer need donations.